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Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS) Research Articles

Here's a link to Dr. Stroot's original research articles on BLOS that describes a link between the Western Diet and BLOS.
BLOS Published Research Articles
Updated BLOS Model

Updated BLOS Model

Here's a link to the updated model on how BLOS impacts human health.
Updated BLOS Model
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Type 2 Diabetes

Read Dr. Stroot's latest thoughts on BLOS as the primary source of Oxidative Stress causing Type 2 Diabetes.
BLOS and Type 2 Diabetes
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BLOS may be the underlying cause of an increased risk of Cancers.
BLOS & Elevated Risk of Cancers
Article 5

Drug Testing

Could Elevated BLOS be the primary cause of failed Clinical Trials for new Drugs? on News related BLOS.
BLOS & Drug Testing
Article 6

News & Views

Dr. Stroot provides some commentary on News related BLOS.
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